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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Generation Journalism

Youth and Journalism in the wake of new media.

"In a routine, every person reflects around the information perceived."

Sitting across tables at coffee shops or leaning against the walls at a tea stall, everyone enjoys discussing news. The daily dose of information and stories that are procured through the news are key to individuals being able to create a spontaneous awareness of the surrounding. As a mark of significance, many aptitudes are tested with an inclusion of the current affairs. News has helped improve many aspects of the daily living. 

Journalism is the activity or profession involved in broadcasting news or information through various social media.

Like the good old radio broadcast.

As time and age progressed, Humans have constantly secured and refined the different broadcasting mediums. For example- In 1864 James Clerk Maxwell showed mathematically that electromagnetic waves could propagate through free space. And thanks to the broadcasting champions ever since, we have recently received pictures from a remote probe, at the farthest end of our galaxy, nearing  Pluto.

A close-up image of Pluto has revealed a vast, crater less plain — resembling frozen mud cracks on Earth — that appears to be no more than 100 million years old and is still being shaped by geologic processes.

This frozen region is north of Pluto’s icy mountains, in the center-left of the heart feature named Tombaugh Region after Clyde Tombaugh who discovered Pluto in 1930.

New media

Journalism today is not restricted to national news and Political Debates. In the wake of latest social media, More and more valuable conversations are taking place in the organizational world. 
PubMed, which an internet resource, comprises more than 24 million citations for bio-medical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites.
 Like wise, through various social media, creating information resource for all behavioral conversations, including sports, entertainment, and even weather forecasting, journalism has contributed greatly towards more aware individuals in the population.

It is safe to say that journalism is trying to reach and connect to every facet of human existence for its benefit. Broadcasting important news is only the surface of the flow of information between humans through an observed channel, where individuals or groups with access are able to improve their awareness and understanding of the bigger picture. This has also helped in evolving sustainable conversations in communities and lead to progress.

The wave of generations and youth

Ever so often there has been a breakthrough in technology, redefining the means and extent of the news we share.

Centuries ago, our forefathers took it to fashion clay tablets and stone inscriptions for news and information . To their success, we have a detailed account of several manuscripts that survived the test of time and tell us about the news from those days still.

Through the years, science and technology has been the greatest ally in the quest for active and productive journalism.

At every step, the evolving waves of generation have established and propagated information with unprecedented efficiency. Today We are empowered with the right to information and enjoy freedom of expression on a wide range of platforms using personalized devices.

This development over the years is a clear indication to the impact of next generation and youth on journalism.

In the largest ever population in known history, one of the most influential segment in social media today is the youth, with age group 18 to 30 constituting upto 60% of the total audience.

Just as much the youth is an audience for the need of journalism, it is the contributing element of the information resource. It becomes of value to be able include the sentiments and perspectives of different age groups in the journalistic discipline.

Afterall, a mutual conversation can take us farther and further in every aspect of possibilities and development.

When youth joins the journalism campaign, it awaken to a professional prospect and imparts its contribution towards a more realistic outline of news. It would also create a window for youth specific issues and conversations, at par with the national and global discussions.

At a cultural level, we are already suffering from the consequences of disputes and differences. To avoid the worst, the world has issued possibilities of sanctions and is always warding war at summits. Diplomats are commissioned everywhere trying to get the differences to work together. The only hope we have is future. With the young generation aboard, journalism could accelerate the persuit of peace and acceptance of differences.

As role models for a younger generation, the diversity of age in journalists would be encouraging and motivating.

The idea should be to create a fair and an honest journalism without barriers of differences.

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