seeds of sound

Seeds of Sound

Seeds of sound

Among the most remarkable of abilities in being human is the speech. To hold and modulate air in diferential space within the wind pipe and vibrate it to produce an audible range frequency, almost like a signal that life creates to synchronize with its own reflections across the fabric of time and space. possible propiception.

In a battle for sustainance, sound is a seed that life sows in a hope that there is a perfect inheritance and conservation in turning tides from one to other, with all in each.

Life created a call each to emergence and dispersion. Maybe just so it could dance further and farther.

Our ability to articulate and speak in different languages evolved from among these two sound sustaining mechanis.  Leading to mating and distress calls.

Though the mating call is mostly predominant in shaping the fluency of language but the distress call has an undeniable significance in social phoenemic development and bonding.

To top it all, the language could be the basis of most differences that exist among us. Talking of a common heritage, Disputes are claimed, they never really exist.

So we talk as much as we can, reverberating within the extremes of reaching out and collapsing within, all amid an emotional cacophony of pain and relief. In disputr with our own selves.

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