seeds of sound

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Crysatalite, nature in its patterns extends and imparts onto itself, the rigidity to withstand and adhere fractionaly to a point of brilliance. Diamonds glittering, refracting adorance is one such pattern from the synchrony.

Dancing within its own fractions, light refracting through faces of crystal in a path shaped by its rigidity. Sparkled.

Every moment is an embrace between light and darkness.

With thoughts clouding my mind, there is for sure thunder. I just wonder where it strikes.

What glitters in the eye could be a sparkle, just as much as it could be a thunder, enlightening as it strikes across its path.

Vajra has its origin in Hindu mythology and folk stories where Lord Vishnu was known to instrument the undistructability and unconstrainability of diamonds and thunder.

Aesthetics and Art

Aesthetics is not merely a praise or perfection or a medium for  agenda. Beyond the borders of our common belief, art is a strong conscious stimulant and moderator of our understanding and traverse through evolution. It serves our comprehensions of desire and will of planting seeds so we may sow and reap expedience.

By creating art, we innoculate our insights on the outer world in a resonant weave of influx and outflow which is emotional and behavioral. An artist is a social comentator, articulating beyond the awe and admire, in an attempt to caliberate the audience with a common understanding and classification of perspectives.

Everything we end up doing in a lifetime is our own unique art of living.

Story telling and Digital Media

Efferent back tracking