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Friday, 6 May 2016

Language learning and multilingualism: communication and interpretations

The origin of multilingualism

Every now and then we happen to walk around, pass by and unearth opinions and voices. These vernacular stories we believe to be the seeds of our togetherness in a communication.

When a child with the opportunity attends school, there in a series of caliberations, an understanding of albhabet and its inferences is imparted. Linguistics is a prime skill that humans have developed in a bid to evolution.

With the number of languages we have eventually come to articulate, there is an ongoing comparison between few and many dialects and scripts. To the extent that political borders and geographical boundaries are closely influenced by the gradients of lingualism accross the human poppulation worldwide.

In a notable experience from learning at schools, accessing words and definitions to construct the language has been catalyzed by a form of communication that predates every known language. We notice impressions of that primal language in behavior studies that extend to many species and bring in the scope of wider communication.

I have always been facinated by languages and thought of a language that could combine all beautiful sounds in one melody. In process of learning more about languages, i happened to spend time with certain individuals who dilated my view of communication and experience of language totaly. Perhaps the most cheerful of all, the Sign Language aapears to be most primitive. In all our evolutionary fluence, we have never let go the expressions and gestures, renounced in their detailed conveyance.

When we begin to talk, we step over into bilingualism. With a smile and laughter, waving hands and marking fingers to strike a conversation. The less audible who can not speak have engineered the finest use the sign languge. And so have we in the versatility and subtleties of action and movement.

Language in its guidance has always played a unifying role in centralizing people's efforts. In an example from modern India, we see growing globalization under the umbrellas of opportunities sighted predominantly by language awareness. Engaging in global economics, polity and research though a distant port for rural bays, is always a gateway for the learning world.

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