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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A case of independence

Metaphor of reparation

In light of the revolutionary arguments from accounted history, it is impossible to rule out the significance of independence. Time and again, men and women from within flourishing societies have stood up for a cause arising from their needs and demanded political reparations.

The term "reparation" is commonly referred to a financial settlement paid against the proven  wrongdoings by one community on the other. However, it is only a temporary respite since the struggle at all times is to benefit from the limited resources available to the entire population of earth and undoing the done is as much an irreparable count as lost time.

In 1947, the once colonial state, India under the British monarchy, proclaimed independence and subsequently took control of the functioning of a nation that was once the British asset of East India Company. On papers, it was a transfer of power from one community to other. It was a feeling of liberation for the needful population of India, which like any growing community or civilization was In persuit of desires pertaining to control on organizational potential. Considering the collective behaviour is monitored and predicted at a general rate in measures for studies of all developments and discipline, and that all humans have an equal right, there could be a possibility of functional independence with respect to proclaimed difference of belief and belonging.

There are days in our past, where agreements were a mere handshake. In the present, there are convocations and gatherings with ceremonial accounting and strategizing of policies towards conceptualizing approach. The control over direction of this approach is the interest of beneficiaries who are the diplomats of community representation. This expatiates the paradigms of mutuality in decision making at each step.

Gender based empowerment,  upliftment of backward classes, financial subsidies and and even constitutional ammendments are metaphors to a reparation, where a set of individuals seek ownership or interest on parts of the nett resource available, in lieu of opressive setback suffered in the past. It should be noted that at times the cause is a dispute and the consequence is a settlement of law, Not necessarily involving a transaction of any sorts.

The assessation of India 

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