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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Internet Pipes Will Burst When Virtual Reality Takes Off

Great read. Love the biomechanical elaboration of data and senses.

However I doubt the bursting of pipelines is slightly misleading with respect to data transfer as we know today.
Just to seed the basis of understanding, when data is transfered accross any channel, then bandwidth or speed of transfer is a property of device that is interpreting the signal (coding and decoding) and not the network channel. We are believing an illusion that data is traveling through a pipeline and paying manyfolds extra. Even if the data availability was a pipeline something as simple and applicable as bernauli's equation can tell us that as long as the data is being made available at one end, it should reach the other end at a speed depending on the orifice or device. This is if data is a flow of electrons through a chanel or electronic data. But wait, thats not all, most of the data is electromagnetic wave. It means that iresspective of the amount of meaningful information broadcasted to a user, the intensity of signal or capacity of so called pipeline is constant. Imagine your data provider is a bulb (light is an electromagnetic wave) capable of giving you white light (containing all possible colours of light which is similar to an electromagnetic wave saturated with natural data) throughout at a fixed rate and cost but if you want to filter the white light with your chosen device and take only selected colours, you pay more and differential depending on the terms of data provider. Not to forget that we have been talking about free and unrestricted access and unbiased availability of information to all segments who are able to get there hands on a capable device. So the only bursting pipelines are profiteers making merry out of the illusion of "bandwidth of data pipelines".

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